Introducing: DEAD Design

DEAD Design models Masks and Detail sets

My professional carreer that had begun in 1998, comprises 5 years in Eduard as a designer and then 10 years in MPM/ Special Hobby as a designer, webmaster and interpreter. I love scale models since my childhood, it was almost a dream for me to get in the modelling busines and connect personal hobby with professional occupation. During my career I had designed hundreds of PE sets, decals, masks and color instructions for plastic models. You can easily rercognize my work since I was permitted to sign them - Dead Design. I was one of the founders/ collaborators of masks production in Eduard back in 1999.

I quit the modelling business in 2014 with hope to become a true modeler, once again. Eventually, after 3 years pause I had started my own "humble" line of products. I begun with items I know very well, the masks for canopies and markings, right now only for Japanese aircraft.

My very special products are mask for Inspection Covers. These are designed specially for modellers who want to finish their scale model in Natural Metal Finish. These mask serve for distinguishing tonal shade of the natural metal panels, covers, fairings, etc.

From my point of view, every aftermarket set must help modeler. Either by saving time or by enhancing the level of details. I think my masks for Inspection covers meet both criteria.

Righ now I do list 30 products in my catalogue (pdf), mostly canopy masks for Japanese a/c but I plan to produce Inspection covers and canopy masks for early 1950s jets and other WW2 a/c, too and to produce decals and photo-etched parts.

You can order the sets from my website DEAD Design models. Hot items are the canopy mask, markings and Inspection Covers for recent release of 1/72 Tamiya Ki-61 Id Hien. 

Jan Hajicek