Albatros D.V Lt. Rumey Jasta 5

Pheon Models 32010L - 1/32

Dear fellow modeller,

It has always been our intention to attempt to keep our sets available, reprinting when we believe that sufficient demand still exists (the Sopwith Pup set in 48th scale is about to go into its third edition, for example). In addition we will, from time to time (probably no more than once or twice each year), be producing sets in strictly limited numbers and which will not ever be re-printed. The subjects for these will be chosen for particularly striking or flamboyant markings or particular pilots or historic actions. They will first be offered to our established customers for a limited time, before going on general sale.

All our decals are, of course, intended to be applied to models but we also believe that these Limited Editions will be likely to retain their original value or perhaps even appreciate, over time. The resulting model will be very striking, though, so we would hope that most customers will want to build it!

As the first of these Limited Editions we are pleased to announce 32010L, a full set of markings for a distinctive and colourful Albatros D.V of Royal Prussian Jagdstaffel 5, flown by 45 victory ace, Leutnant Fritz Rumey.

The full A4 page of decals have been tailored to fit Wingnut Wings 1/32nd scale kit of the D.V and include all the markings needed to produce one model, using the eisernes kreuz from the Wingnut's kit. The set comes with the usual full colour side and plan views as well as a large 1/32nd scale print of the port side profile and a booklet with details of the pilot’s career and full instructions for applying the decals.

There were two phases in the application of Ltn.Rumey's markings: the first one had the green squares on both wings and the rear fuselage and tailored decal panels are provided for this, in the second, the squares were extended to the whole of the wooden portions of the fuselage and sufficient green square decals are provided for the more ambitious modeller to portray this, should they wish.

As with all pre-orders, no money will be asked for until the set is ready to send out and you can, of course, cancel your order at any time before payment. The set will not be offered for sale generally until the 1st December, should any still be available at that time.

Only 100 sets of 32010 L “Fritz Rumey’s Devil” will be produced and they are priced at £20.00 plus p&p at our standard rate and are available on a strictly first come, first served basis. We hope to have them available before the end of November.

All the best

Rowan and Sabine Broadbent Pheon Models