Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6
Interview with Interview with Lukas Zajic - designer of photo-etched details

eduard 8268 – 1/48

I'm bringing you another interview regarding the forthcoming release of our Bf 109G-6 in 1/48 scale. This time, we speak to Lukas Zajic - our photo-etch designer, whose task was to design the etched detail parts for this kit release. You can read the interview with Lukas below.

You've been working here for quite some time, so you're obviously a skilled designer. Were the details for Bf 109G-6 somewhat different from your previous projects?

You're right that I've designed many details sets since I began working for Eduard. In this sense, the details for Bf 109G-6 were nothing exceptional for me. It is worth mentioning that parts I've made for this kit, needed to fit our standard size PE fret (the small one). I'm glad I've managed to fit in all the details without any major issues.

Usually, you work with final plastic parts, which you can hold in your hands. Working on the Bf 109G-6 you didn't have this option. Was it harder for you?

It is true that I'm used to working with the final plastic parts of scale kits for other manufacturers, or even our own kits. In this case, I mainly worked with 3D models from our scale kit design department, so I was taking measurements directly from 3D models of the aircraft.

Well, that must surely have made it easier for you. Was this the case?

Not really. Counting all my previous projects, I'm really used to taking measurements directly from the plastic parts, so in this regard, the job wasn't easier than projects I normally work upon. In the end, I still needed to wait for the final sprues, to test the parts physically - to see whether they fit properly or not. And they did fit. Perfectly!

I'd like to mention the radiator relief here. I've designed this part using a 3D drawing, and had to revise it in the end, because it didn't fit according to my expectations.

What details will be included within the set? What can modelers look forward to?

In my opinion, the plastic parts are very well done in terms of detail, so the photo-etched set covers the parts which have become Eduard's standard; parts which modellers already expect to see. On the fret, you'll be able to find the colour instrument panel and details for the cockpit sides. Also printed in colour are the seat belts, pedals and other small details. Included in this set are exterior details, like the aforementioned radiator meshes and antennae.

Is there anything on this detail set that was really fun for you to work on? Something you really enjoyed?

For me, generally speaking, anything that has propellers is fun to work on. I like WWII subjects, mainly German aircraft. In this respect, I enjoyed designing the photo-etched detail set for this Bf 109G-6 from the start to the final touch ups. I also believe that modelers will enjoy the build, and my photo-etched detail parts too.