Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6

eduard 8268 – 1/48

Eduard has put a lot of measurements and recherche into the new kit:

Images from measurement of Bf 109G-14 in Wiener Neustadt. Stanislav Archman is inspecting the G-6, using camcorder for image documentation using a regular and laser meter. The Flugmuseum Aviaticum G-6 was restored from the G-14 wreck and sports G-14 marking.

Top view of Bf 109F-4 - image made by Stanislav Archman from the sky lift.

Eduard designers Stanislav Archman and Ladislav Jonas, standing in the hall of Canadian Aviation and Space Museum.

Stanislav getting safety straps, which were necessary for him to put on, before he was let onto the sky lift.

Vaclav Pospisil taking measurements of Bf 109G-10 owned by Willi Messerschmitt Stiftung which is located at EADS facility. He's using sophisticated laser meter, in order to take most accurate measures.

This photo was taken in EADS in Manching, while we were trying to figure out the correct shape of the Bf109G-4 nose.

Vaclav Pospisil standing next to the wing of Bf 109G-4 in Wiener Neustadt.

Stanislav Archman standing on the crane, taking photos of Bf 109F-4. Using the crane allowed us to look at the machines from perfect angles, letting us make very useful images.

Photo made at Air museum Kbely. We used this kind of pencil (Image) to take the outline of the Avia S-199 wing tip, on a cardboard box. Our designers were in a a situation, in which they had no other way how to take precise measurements, so they helped themselves this way - check out the picture taken from camcorder below.